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About True Capital

True Capital is a specialist alternative asset manager focusing solely on the retail and consumer sector.

Our team includes individuals with a breadth of skillsets, who together have a global network of consumer sector contacts and deep experience as operational executives, advisers and investors in the sector.


Our strategy for differentiation is based on the principle of trying to build a firm that reflects where we believe the fund management industry will be in ten years, not where it is today.

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What we do

We believe we have developed a differentiated

and innovative approach to fund management.

  • Sector Specialism

  • We’re sector, not size, specialists, and we target companies solely within the retail and consumer sector.
  • Access to Innovation

  • We operate our own innovation hub, TrueStart, and have a dedicated seed fund to invest in the best new businesses in our sector.  The hub is located in our offices, meaning we keep our finger on the pulse of the latest retail innovation.
  • Growth Investing

  • We look for companies that are either in growing niches or an established market suitable for disruption.

Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy is based on privileged access to companies within the retail sector, made possible by the extensive global network which our operational team and our sector specialist advisory committee have developed over a period of many years.  We look to develop relationships with potential investee companies over a prolonged period and our ownership of TrueStart is a core part of this strategy.

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We generate returns through active operational involvement in our investee companies and developing a clearly defined exit strategy prior to completing our initial investment.  Our executive team and our wider retail network includes experienced operational retail executives and we will vary the level of our involvement in investee companies based on the needs of the business and the stage of the business cycle which they are in.

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